Kaé Cosmétiques

Spécialiste des produits orientaux à base d’huile d’argan et d’huiles essentielles.


Kaé story started in 2005 when two friends in Marrakech thought about a new concept to enhance argan oil: above all else, Kaé would be an ethical, natural and efficient brand, which looks like to this rich oil and its wonderful properties.
Argan oil is a concentrate of beauty but also an extract of the Morocco’s wealth.
One year later, they created the Kaé brand and the classic range of products.


Today, Kaé is the partner of a women cooperative in the Essaouira aera (west of Morocco) which grants fair and right incomes to its workers and improves their living conditions and the dynamism of the local life.
Kaé products are made in Aveyron (south of France).


With the creation of the Argatherapy concept, Kaé innovated and allowed to associate argan oil and essential oils.
The mix of argan oil and natural smells makes 2 treatments in 1 skincare possible:

Action 1: essential oils, with their draining and detoxifying properties, clean the skin and open pores.
Action 2: argan oil, rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, durably moisturizes, heals and regenerates the skin.


Thereby, essential oils prepares the action of argan oil, whose virtues will be amplified.

Argan oil is the richest oil in vitamin E (3 times more than olive oil).
Vitamin E blocks the multiplication of the molecules which damage the skin in case of external aggressions: cold, wind, sun, smoke or chlorine.
Argan oil is made of essential fatty acids (80%) which prevent the drying up of the skin and its loss of elasticity. Consequently, this oil forestalls the aging of the skin and leaves it breathing.


What is Kaé ?

100% quality
Every year, after the crop, Kaé chooses the best quality of nuts from the argan tree. Our argan oil is first cold-pressed, on stainless steel plates without water or handling in order to avoid bacteria.
Merely filtered, the oil is not deodorized. This allows us to keep the main and best properties of the argan oil.

100% efficacity
Kaé uses 100% of the active ingredients for its products. Kaé products get on average 50% of argan oil. This rate is 20 to 50 times higher than the usual rate contained in the products from the major beauty brands which offer products based on argan oil.

100% natural
Kaé commits to respect ECOCERT and COSMEBIO ecological cosmetics guidelines.
For Kaé, a cosmetic product can only be efficient if it’s a natural one.
Most of our bottles are deliberately transparent in order to see the color of the oil.


Oil as a skincare… what for?
Oils as cosmetic products are not the first and automatic reflex of the modern woman. She is traditionally more attracted by white creams. However, oils protect the skin against external aggressions and leave it breathing… which is not the main properties of usual creams or body lotions. The utilisation of a cosmetic oil requires a specific education: the used quantity has to be limited in order to get the most efficient result.


Which skin type?
Pure plant oils, argan oil included, are usually recommended for dry skins but they can also bring a nice care to greasy skins.
Indeed, only pure plant oils are able to effectively dissolve sebum as well as they bring antioxidant properties to the skin and respect its PH.
Kaé pure argan oil gets an important ability of absorption which leaves on the skin a thin satiny layer of product.


Colored spots on the Kaé packagings show the most appropriated type of skin for the use of the product.


Does argan oil have therapeutic virtues?
Kaé products don’t have these virtues however, several international studies showed the powerful healing property of the argan oil which relieves skins diseases such as eczema or psoriasis.
Argan oil also contributes to reduce anti-stretch marks and soothes sunburns.



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