Laboratoire du Haut-Ségala

French producer of organic and natural cosmetics since 1996.


Laboratoire du Haut-Ségala is located in Rieupeyroux, Aveyron (France). The philosophy of the company is inspired by Nature. Nature is authentic and wild and provides a perfect rhythm for work as well as all resources and influences we need to formulate our handcrafted products.


It is our passion for plants and their secrets and a desire to pass on our knowledge of their benefits that have led us to distil our expertise into a range of natural organic, ecologically friendly beauty products, all Ecocert certified.
The special properties of plants are still used far too little in beauty products, so we have revived and re-worked some age-old recipes, whilst making plenty of room for the new.
Our aim is to help each person find products that care for both the body and the environment, to offer them wellbeing every day and to recognize the true value of beauty.


In addition to our Ecocert certification which guarantees traceability by an independent overseeing body, Haut-Segala Laboratory also adheres to the Cosmebio charter. The charter was founded in 2002 and brings together professionals in the industry who are dedicated to providing consumers with high quality beauty products that meet strict criteria.


Certification Biologique

Fabrication française

Engagement pour la planète

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