Organic Certification


In addition to our Ecocert certification which guarantees traceability by an independent overseeing body, Laboratoire du Haut-Ségala also adheres to the Cosmebio charter. Founded in 2002, this charter brings together professionals in the industry who provide to consumers high quality beauty products which meet strict criteria :


– plant or mineral based raw materials of natural origins, preferably produced using controlled organic cultivation methods,
– no PEGs (ethylene glycol derivatives)
– no synthetic colours or fragrances
– no GMOs, no parabens (petrochemicals)
– no testing on animals, no products of animal origin
– no unnecessary outer packaging
– optimum biodegradability and recycling of packaging and all production waste.


Ingredients of ecological and organic cosmetics:


minimum of 95% of natural ingredients (or from natural origin) in the finished product
a minimum of 95% of all plant ingredients are organic certified


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