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Pure plant oils

– 29th november 2019 –

Pure plant oils are well knownas face and body cares but not only!

Indeed, pure plant oils are very usefulas make-up removers. By gentle and circular massages on the face, they will allow to slide the make-up, even waterproof ones.

Then, with a cotton pad (ideally reusuable) or a glove, clean your face. With pure oils, remove your make-up is a piece of cake! Impurities are removed from your skin pores and your skin is moisturized.

Pure plant poils also areefficient capillary cares. Apply oil in your hair, wrap it a towel for 20 to 30 mn, then use your shampoo. Pure oils will deeply hydrate scalp and capillary fiber!

Tea tree floral water

– 23th october 2019 –

In case of problem skin (acne, pimples, black dots), make a compact base with a tea spoonof rhassoul (white clay) and drops of tea treewater .


Then apply asmall quantityonpimples for 10 minutes and remove woth lukewarm water.


Scarring over within 2 days!

Tea tree water

Tahitian Monoi body butter

– 9th october 2019 –

After summertime, your hair may have been damaged by sea salt and sun.

Makinghair masks will give suppleness and shine back to your hair !


Before using your shampoo, spread a body butter pat in the lenght of your dry hair. You will make the butter melt ij your palm first. Cover your hair with a towel for 15 minutes. Rinse and make your shampoo. Dry.


Do it once a week till your hair gets their shine back!

Tahitian monoi body butter

Aloe Vera gel

– 24th july 2019 –

At summertime, our Aloe Vera gel is an ideal after sun and efficient for sunburns.


Apply a thick layer after your shower!

Aloe vera gel

Calendula body butter

– 10th july 2019 –

Our calendula body butter is avery efficient after sun for sensitive (as well as babies) or problem skins!


After a sunny and windy day, in the evening, apply a small pat on the face, neck and body. For a better efficiency, massage the areas as long as possible!


You can also use it as a night cream to get a smooth skin at wake-up.

Calendula body butter

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